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Career services
• Individual, group and organizational consultation to address your career- related needs

Personal development
• Whole-person focused coaching to get you where you want to be

Spiritual growth
• Uplifting presentations for your conferences, retreats and special events

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Yvonne's Latest Book - Melanie's Decision
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"Melanie’s Decision is a novel that must be read from the pulpit and the pew, at home and at church, in private and in public, until there is an impatient intolerance for the broken bones and psychological and physical trauma meted out on the women and children in our lives."


Workshops. Speaking Engagements. Consultation.

Career Services

For individuals
1-1 consultation is available for clients wanting to discuss:
✔   strengths, interests and personality traits
✔   career direction
✔   career change
✔   post-secondary transition
✔   career building
✔   employability
✔   establishing professional networks

For schools and organizations

Inner change can supplement your organization’s services with just in time career services when you need them. Working with career teachers, guidance counselors or HR professionals, we provide onsite training on:
✔   Setting up an effective career program
✔   Helping students/employees clarify career interests
✔   Organizing career events
✔   Launching career peer programs
✔   Determining appropriate career assessment tools and resources
✔   Connecting to career networks and associations
✔   Preparing students for post-secondary transition
If you have a career class or a group, our 1-1services can be customized to meet your needs. Ask us about our group services

Personal Development

Do you have dreams for your life that you’re not realizing? Do you feel that you are meant to do something different from what you’re doing?
Inner Change specializes in the totality of the individual. Working from the inside out, our job is to help you look and feel good about who you are and what you have to offer. See us about any of the following:
✔   Discovering your purpose
✔   Leveraging your fears to get to your dreams
✔   Understanding your strengths and personality
✔   Thriving as an introvert in an extroverted world
✔   Life planning and goal setting

Spiritual Growth

Services for groups and conferences. Learning about and accessing our spirituality is a critical aspect of whole person development. At Inner Change we provide practical workshops or keynote addresses to your group on the following topics:
✔   Forgive? Yeah Right!
✔   Wounded kings and forgotten priests (for men)
✔   Prayer: what purpose does it serve?
✔   Getting through tough times
✔   You are loved (Precious)
✔   Assignments, exams and pop quizzes: What’s God doing?
✔   Praise nonsense
✔   God’s will and my won’t
✔   Discovering your spiritual gifts
✔   Handling God’s silences
✔   The cloak, the coat and the other cheek

Another topic?

If you have a related topic in mind for your team, why not run the idea by me. Just complete the Speaker request form and provide a short description of what you’re looking for. I might be able to make it happen.


"Melanie’s Decision is a novel that must be read from the pulpit and the pew, at home and at church, in private and in public, until there is an impatient intolerance for the broken bones and psychological and physical trauma meted out on the women and children in our lives. ...peers into our churches and unmasks 'the rage they disguise under pious church smiles.' Melanie demands we look at her wounds. We must. The author conscripts us to never have anyone wear the mask in our presence, in church and out. This is a haunting, unavoidable call to stop this monstrous debilitating cycle of spousal abuse now!"

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This guide is a reference to be used to better understand the unique employment-related needs of former and current military members who might seed professional assistance.It also provides an overview of how families can support their military member, the challenges in providing that support and the best practices for career coaches and counsellors working with military spouses/partners.

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Theirs was an idyllic, loving, and enviable life. They were parents to a terrific teenager, shared morning devotions as often as possible, and the passion—well, let’s just say it left nothing to be desired. Life was good…so why did this morning’s devotional reading “Curse God and Die” leave Audrey feeling so unsettled? If only she knew that their idyllic life was about to not just take a “fall” but cave in! This is a story of betrayal, gut-wrenching honesty, loss of faith, and the long road to an impossible restoration.

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Tranquility Hazelwood is anything but tranquil. Independent, determined, opinionated, talkative, and frustrated, yes. Cool and composed, no. And what’s been ruffling her feathers lately is that question a certain speaker dared tell a group of single women to ask themselves: “Why am I not married by now?” Two lists and 21 interviews later those answers weren’t exactly what she’d been expecting.

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Readers Review

It was a terrible secret. A secret she’d kept for a long time. Until the day she couldn’t hold on to it any longer… This is a story of women overwhelmed with inconsolable grief and soul - consuming guilt - and their journey to redemption and healing. There’s only one way, you know. Only one.

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Readers Review

Crushing disappointment. Devastating loss. Unutterable grief. But Sunday morning’s coming, and with it a spectacular promise.

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Instead of hearing from me regarding the stuff I do, read what others have to say:

Yvonne Rodney is an exceptionally talented career counsellor, group facilitator, presenter, and writer. I had the honor of working with her for over twenty years at the University of Toronto and never failed to be impressed by her creativity, ability to think out of the box and get the job done.
Marilyn Van Norman, national coordinator

As a partner in singing, acting, writing, planning, mediating or facilitating, Yvonne Rodney is consistently Audacious and Bright. Cracker-jack. Dedicated. Energetic Enabler. Fastidious. God-fearing. Healer. Insightful. Judicious. Knowledgeable. Legit. Measured. Nourishing. Open-minded. Passionate Pedagogue. Quarterback. Relevant. Sterling. Tenacious and Trustworthy. Upbeat, an Upgrade. Visionary. Wise. Xceptional. Yeoman. And Zestful.
Royson James, journalist

Yvonne has been a colleague for many years. She is professional, witty, caring and supportive. She has contributed to the growth of many career development professionals nationally through her work and is held in high regard.
Jan Basso, director

Yvonne Rodney writes with the incisive precision of a skilled surgeon, wrapped in the uncommon warmth of her life-changing perceptions and compassionate understanding of the human experience.
Jeannette Johnson, publisher (acquisitions)

For over six year my life has been greatly enriched through experiencing Yvonne’s plays, presentations, written works, directorship and timely advice. Yvonne brings much needed profound and fresh insight to matters of human relationships.
Allan R. Chichester, pastor

As a speaker, Yvonne can captivate the audience from beginning to end using her true-to-life experiences. Her messages carries depth, warmth and wisdom. She has the natural ability to connect with her audience and make them want to hear more.
Velma Cuizon, women’s leader

About Yvonne Rodney

Yvonne brings to her work over 25 years experience counseling, advising, managing, living with and observing people as Career Counselor, Manager, and Director of Career Services with the University of Toronto. She has presented extensively at conferences on topics of self-identity, within the career development field and actively participated as a member of various professional boards and committees. She is also an author, playwright, theatrical director, public speaker and occasional event host/emcee. With a tongue in cheek sense of humor, Yvonne ensures that her topics are practical, challenging and relevant to her audience – be they readers, listeners or collaborators.


In addition to individual consultations, organizational training and writing, the following is a partial listing of activities involving Inner Change Consulting:

Upcoming Events
January 27-29, 2019        

"Growing out of Brokenness"
Ministerial Spouses Group
Ajax, Ontario

Past Events
October 12-14, 2018      

"WHOLE Conference"
Markham, Ontario

Monday June 18th - 6:30 - 8:00, 2018      

"Shaping the Future from the Present and the Past"
Dancer's Transition & Resource Centre, Toronto, ON

Saturday June 30th - 6:00 pm 2018      

Central Seventh-day Adventist Church's
"Women's Ministry Program On Abuse"
Toronto, ON


If you have a related topic in mind for your team, why not run the idea by me. Just complete the request form and provide a short description of what you’re looking for. I might be able to make it happen.

Telephone: +1 416.722.4607

Email: yrodney@innerchangeconsulting.com