About Yvonne Rodney

Yvonne brings to her work over 25 years experience counseling, advising, managing, living with and observing people as Career Counselor, Manager, and Director of Career Services with the University of Toronto. She has presented extensively at conferences on topics of self-identity, within the career development field and actively participated as a member of various professional boards and committees. She is also an author, playwright, theatrical director, public speaker and occasional event host/emcee. With a tongue in cheek sense of humor, Yvonne ensures that her topics are practical, challenging and relevant to her audience – be they readers, listeners or collaborators.

Specializing in:

Career services
  • Individual, group and organizational consultation to address your career- related needs
Personal development
  • Whole-person focused coaching to get you where you want to be
Spiritual growth
  • Uplifting presentations for your conferences, retreats and special events

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