Workshops. Speaking Engagements. Consultation.

Career Services

For individuals 1-1 consultation is available for clients wanting to discuss:

✔   strengths, interests and personality traits
✔   career direction
✔   career change
✔   post-secondary transition
✔   career building
✔   employability
✔   establishing professional networks

For schools and organizations

Inner change can supplement your organization’s services with just in time career services when you need them. Working with career teachers, guidance counselors or HR professionals, we provide onsite training on:

✔   Setting up an effective career program
✔   Helping students/employees clarify career interests
✔   Organizing career events
✔   Launching career peer programs
✔   Determining appropriate career assessment tools and resources
✔   Connecting to career networks and associations
✔   Preparing students for post-secondary transition

If you have a career class or a group, our 1-1services can be customized to meet your needs. Ask us about our group services

Personal Development

Do you have dreams for your life that you’re not realizing? Do you feel that you are meant to do something different from what you’re doing?

Inner Change specializes in the totality of the individual. Working from the inside out, our job is to help you look and feel good about who you are and what you have to offer. See us about any of the following:

✔   Discovering your purpose
✔   Leveraging your fears to get to your dreams
✔   Understanding your strengths and personality
✔   Thriving as an introvert in an extroverted world
✔   Life planning and goal setting

Spiritual Growth

Services for groups and conferences. Learning about and accessing our spirituality is a critical aspect of whole person development. At Inner Change we provide practical workshops or keynote addresses to your group on the following topics:

✔   Forgive? Yeah Right!
✔   Wounded kings and forgotten priests (for men)
✔   Prayer: what purpose does it serve?
✔   Getting through tough times
✔   You are loved (Precious)
✔   Assignments, exams and pop quizzes: What’s God doing?
✔   Praise nonsense
✔   God’s will and my won’t
✔   Discovering your spiritual gifts
✔   Handling God’s silences
✔   The cloak, the coat and the other cheek

Another topic?

If you have a related topic in mind for your team, why not run the idea by me. I might be able to make it happen. Send me an email at