Instead of hearing from me regarding the stuff I do, read what others have to say:

Yvonne Rodney is an exceptionally talented career counsellor, group facilitator, presenter, and writer. I had the honor of working with her for over twenty years at the University of Toronto and never failed to be impressed by her creativity, ability to think out of the box and get the job done.

Marilyn Van Norman, national coordinator

As a partner in singing, acting, writing, planning, mediating or facilitating, Yvonne Rodney is consistently Audacious and Bright. Cracker-jack. Dedicated. Energetic Enabler. Fastidious. God-fearing. Healer. Insightful. Judicious. Knowledgeable. Legit. Measured. Nourishing. Open-minded. Passionate Pedagogue. Quarterback. Relevant. Sterling. Tenacious and Trustworthy. Upbeat, an Upgrade. Visionary. Wise. Xceptional. Yeoman. And Zestful.

Royson James, journalist

Yvonne has been a colleague for many years. She is professional, witty, caring and supportive. She has contributed to the growth of many career development professionals nationally through her work and is held in high regard.

Jan Basso, director

Yvonne Rodney writes with the incisive precision of a skilled surgeon, wrapped in the uncommon warmth of her life-changing perceptions and compassionate understanding of the human experience.

Jeannette Johnson, publisher (acquisitions)

For over six year my life has been greatly enriched through experiencing Yvonne’s plays, presentations, written works, directorship and timely advice. Yvonne brings much needed profound and fresh insight to matters of human relationships.

llan R. Chichester, pastor

As a speaker, Yvonne can captivate the audience from beginning to end using her true-to-life experiences. Her messages carries depth, warmth and wisdom. She has the natural ability to connect with her audience and make them want to hear more.

Velma Cuizon, women’s leader

About Yvonne Rodney

Yvonne brings to her work over 25 years experience counseling, advising, managing, living with and observing people as Career Counselor, Manager, and Director of Career Services with the University of Toronto. She has presented extensively at conferences on topics of self-identity, within the career development field and actively participated as a member of various professional boards and committees. She is also an author, playwright, theatrical director, public speaker and occasional event host/emcee. With a tongue in cheek sense of humor, Yvonne ensures that her topics are practical, challenging and relevant to her audience – be they readers, listeners or collaborators.